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The Marmon IoT Platform

Designed to remove the challenges to opportunity

MiM is an end to end development platform which was designed by Cornelius to support not only multiple machines types, but the entire Marmon business.


Key Design Features


Allows large number of IoT Devices to connect to a scalable and cost effective backend. Scalability is a critical given the number of devices expected to be supported.

Ease of Use & Configuration

Designed for developers to put their devices online and collect data in hours vs weeks. Every new thing comes with a default configuration that is easily modifiable to allow additional tables and functionality to by added.


Ensure security of all data, devices and API's into and out of the MiM platform. All devices are given unique certificates and policies when provisioned in the factory. API's are secured by tokens which are periodically updated by the system

Data Management

Data integrity, isolation & protection are important as the system is designed to cater to a vast array of end users.

Prevention of data cross over was a critical design aspect.

MiM EcoSystem


Device Support

The DevOps team assists putting your devices online as quickly as possible. This is done through several SKDs for Raspberry PIs, Arduinos and ESP32. The team also has the capability to provide guidance on embedded software and device selection to support security requirement of the MiM PaaS.

Enterprise Management

The Enterprise site is designed to help both developers and manufacturers alike. The system has role based access control which allows your devices to be secured and viewable by your team only. It supports quick creation of Thing models/templates, provides a means to create your security polices and certificates for the factory floor, and help manage your fleet of deployed devices.

3rd Party Cloud

The platform features a series of built-in API's to allow creation of your own websites with views and data analysis tailored for your specific needs. The DevOps will assist in the creation of any special API requirements.


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Why MiM

DevOps Team

A small but dedicated DevOps team which are experts in the area IoT. The team monitors and maintains the health of development, field test and production PaaS. These team members work closely with your team members to implement your devices on the backend and API's on the front end will maintaining costs and security

Auto Code Generation

Designed with the developer in mind, simple UI pages allow generation a basic set of data tables with the ability to create custom tables. The MiM platform will automatically generate the JSON code required for your device. A simple copy & paste into the device firmware allows data to be sent to the cloud!

Fog & Edge Computing

Fog computing essentially extends cloud computing and services to the edge of the network, bringing the advantages and power of the cloud closer to where data is created and acted upon.

Our DevOps team with its years of embedded background can help optimize the Fog or Edge compute taking advantage of nuances in the cloud infrastructure to reduce costs.

Business Intelligence

Many IT, business intelligence and analytics managers have stopped asking, "What is the Internet of Things?" Instead, they've started asking, "What is the business value of the data generated by the IoT? And what do we need to do to realize that value?"

The DevOps team can help your BI team achieve that goal.

Developer Tools